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Wouldn’t this be awesome?!

We want to hear more adventures, but really can’t do it without your help. It costs money to keep things going, and Sonic Realms is under constant threat of annihilation. The only thing that can ensure its survival is the support of listeners like you.

We wish we didn’t live in a world where we have to ask for money, but these are the cards we were all dealt. We’re not a big corporation, we don’t have a special hookup, and we’re not wealthy by any means.  It’s mostly one person working a crappy entry-level job during the day, and recording game sessions, editing audio, writing music, finding voice actors, distributing episodes, updating the website, and writing pleas for help into the night. Your donation goes to hosting the podcast and website, purchasing sound effects, hardware, software, hiring voice actors, and making a dream come true. It keeps the show alive, it really does.

If everyone who listened gave just a little back as a token of appreciation, we wouldn’t need to ask for support.

Lets keep the adventure going, shall we?

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