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Characters / Cast

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Toki pic.jpg
Hez is played by
Torvald Tempestas
Hez Pestblume
Hez Eyes.JPG
Dreger Eyes.JPG

Hez is a troll originally from Germany.  Her troll settlement was destroyed by the Humanis Policlub, forcing her to emigrate to America to live with her Dwarf Girlfriend, Luskinyan

Dreger is a human gang member with ulterior motives. His agenda is unknown to the rest of the gang he is associated with, the GoZeroes.

Dreger is played by
Marcus Freeman
Jet is played by
MacKenzie Paulus
Curt Meiso
Jet Eyes.JPG
Curt Eyes.JPG

Jetangeline is a human who lives on the streets of San Francisco.  She doesn’t know where she came from or who her parents were, only survival. She knows quite a bit about the seedy underbelly of San Francisco.

Curt is an Elf who escaped from a Wuxing arcology in South America.  During the escape, he lost parts of his memory. Now he is trying to understand how life works outside of an arcology.

Curt is played by
Chris Tomasso
self pic.JPG
Paul Greenleaf
Additional Voices:

Tony Galiano: Elloran, Rear GoZero guard, Deaths head mask

Torvald Tempestas: Kaya, Jaybird, Ren, Petite female elf

Marcus Freeman: Dax, Bear Mentor Spirit, Bear Spirit

Mack Ellis: Rico, Remote Van Driver, Army Jacket

Justin Krupp: Rabrat, Bus Driver

Brian Merlonghi: Nose Ring

Chris Arns: Bus Passenger

Charles Greenleaf: Mr. Johnson/Commander Talbot

Paul Greenleaf: Store Owner, Thug, Bus Driver #2, Drunk GoZero, Boss, Metal Jacket, Bear Spirit

How do YOU see these characters?

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