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Dungeons & Dragons

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Listen with headphones for maximum immersion!

Newest Episode

The opening seven minutes of the anticipated Dungeons & Dragons 2 AudioSaga.

Listen with headphones for maximum immersion!

Dungeons & Dragons Hyperchronicle Trailer

D&D is finally getting an updated cinematic treatment. Not from a written script, not from a tabletop campaign, but from a hybrid of both…Fusing together into one epic Hyperchronicle! This is a real, live, recorded tabletop campaign amalgamated into an exciting journey that unfolds in real-time….Coming Soon. It’s up to you to get the word out.

Dungeons & Dragons Audio Saga - Part 1

The Fruit of Life

 A D&D5e Audio-Saga appeared  first on Sonic Realms Podcast.

Players are recorded live, in game.

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