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LAST TIME: After failing to reach an agreement with Rico regarding fencing the BTLs, weapons, and drone, Dreger, Hez, and Jet begin training to improve their skills. Dreger and Hez train at the Mercury Tactical Defense Range to improve their weapon skills and reaction times, while Jet reluctantly agrees to accept magic lessons from Jungo.

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The Begining

The 6th World

There is a wealth of lore and history to the world of Shadowrun, beyond the scope of this website.

If you want the most basic of primers, check out the bullet points:

  • Large corporations have become more powerful than governments, and are essentially above the law.

  • “Nuyen” is the standard world currency.

  • Technology has advanced significantly, allowing direct neural interfaces, cyber limbs, and many more wonders to become commonplace.

  • The internet has been replaced by “The Matrix”, capable of transmitting massive amounts of data almost anywhere near instantly.

  • Magic returned to the world in an event known as “The Awakening”. Roughly 2% of the population is magically active.

  • The Awakening triggered genetic changes in some of the worlds population, ushering in the age of Metahumanity: Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, and other, lesser known creatures now make up roughly 35% of the worlds population alongside humans.

  • Extremely powerful and intelligent beings known as “Dragons” are spread out around the world, each with their own agenda. For example, a kindly Dragon known as Dunkelzahn was President until his assassination 10 hours after his inauguration. A ruthless Dragon named Lofwyr owns one of the top companies in the world, Saeder-Krupp, and is the richest individual in the world.


Shadowrun Hyperchronicle  Trailer

In this trailer, you are introduced to the main characters within the story.  The first hyperchronicle will be set in the Shadowrun universe.

  • Curt - An elf acrcology fugitive with a fragmented memory

  • Jetangeline - A street dweller with a past shrouded in mystery

  • Hez - A massive female troll who has run out of options


You can find more information about the futuristic world of Shadowrun at and


Episode 1 Jet and Curt

In this inaugural episode, you are introduced to Jetangeline (Jet) and Curt.  Forces begin to conspire to lead them both to the dangerous, underground world of Shadowrunning.


Episode 2 Curt Gets Around

Curt, only a day out the arcology from whence he came, must navigate new social relationships with smugglers and drug dealers, and figure out how to get to the Black Jug, where he hopes to meet the enigmatic elf Elloran.


Episode 3 Deals for Jet; Feels for Hez

Jet strikes a deal with Rabrat for her stolen merchandise, and Hez tells her children their favorite bedtime story.


Episode 4 Curt meets Elloran

After a full day of travel, an exhausted Curt finally arrives at the Black Jug with his delivery for Elloran.


Episode 5 Convergence

Paths converge as Jet, Hez, and Curt meet with Elloran, who has a business proposition for them….provided they don’t mind getting a little dirty.


Episode 6 Dreger

The team makes a deal with Mr. Johnson and heads out of San Francisco. Meanwhile, Dreger finds himself in a dangerous situation.


Episode 7 The Inside Man

Dreger speaks to the Boss, then learns of his extraction.


Episode 8 Basement Battle

When charisma fails him, Dreger has to resort to doing what he does best.


Episode 9 Crowd Control

The team attempts to extract Dreger as the gang is alerted to their presence.


Episode 10 Enter the Americar

A daring escape is attempted as the GoZeroes close in.

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