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Episode 21 Skills, Bills, & Bombs

Hez teaches Jaybird a valuable lesson while the others learn new skills, and a shady deal is finalized in the Black Jug. Stick around after the show for some very stupid ridiculousness!


Episode 22 Catch the Magic

Hez, Curt, and Dreger improve their throwing skills while Jet is guided by her mentor spirit.


Episode 23 That's The Spirit

Everyone prepares and meets at the Docks for the midnight ambush.


Episode 24 The Big Deal

Curt, Dreger, and Jet ride a spirit into the docks, leaving Hez to find an alternative way in.


Episode 25 Midnight Strike

All hell breaks loose at the docks.

Episode 26 Loose Ends

PREVIOUSLY: Jet, Curt, Hez, and Dreger all agreed to take out a chop shop full of orcs (The Blood Kings) at the behest of Jets contact, Rabrat. The chop shop is occupied by a small orc gang known as The Blood Kings, and is on the fringes of Rabrats gangs territory. Upon surveillance of the chop shop, Jet overheard talk of a midnight drug deal happening at the docks at midnight. When she shared this information, everyone decided it would be prudent to take out half of the Blood Kings at the docks via an ambush, collect the drugs for themselves, then hit the chop shop that very same night. In the ensuing ambush, the team took out all of the orcs and the two others who came to do the deal, Medallion and King Lear, who brought two miniature tank-like drones on a raft. Now the only enemy remaining is Taz, who has received magical acid-based attacks, spirit attacks, and bullet wounds. He was tough to take down, but he now lies at the edge of the dock, bloody and barely clinging to life. Dreger stands over him, gun pointed at his head.

Episode 27 In The Arms Of A Demon

PREVIOUSLY: After wiping out both sides of a drug deal at the docks, the team loads up a crate of BTLs and weaponry in a stolen van and heads to the Blood Kings’ headquarters: a chopshop on the outskirts of town they were hired by Jet’s contact Rabrat to capture. An intricate, strategic infiltration plan is thrown out the window when they see an orc step outside and decide to ram him with the van.

Episode 28 Oversight

PREVIOUSLY: After successfully ambushing a BTL drug deal at the docks and acquiring a couple of drones, the team headed to the chopshop under the cover of night for the second part of the plan, burning the orcs inside alive with a powerful fire spirit and claiming it for Rabrat. Hez found an RFID tracker at the bottom of the stolen BTL crate, possibly giving away their location to the gang they stole it from. Curt now attempts to place it on a wandering homeless man.

Episode 29 Lethal Retribution

PREVIOUSLY: After completing back-to-back missions at the docks and chop shop, Jet, Dreger, and Curt meet up at Riddicks Diner for a victory brunch while Hez stays at home to watch her kids. A call from Rabrat abruptly ends the celebration when he hints that all of the Blood Kings may not be dead. Curt, Dreger, and Jet rush out of the restaurant in an attempt to beat Rabrat to the chop shop, fearing the mission may not be over.

Episode 30 The Heavy Price

PREVIOUSLY: Following an impulsive Rabrat, Jet, Dreger, and Curt returned to the Blood Kings chopshop, only to find more pissed off Orcs inside. An epic battle followed, which sent Jet narrowly escaping within an inch of her life. Curt was caught in the middle of the maelstrom of violence, getting grappled, stabbed, pistol whipped, and shot.

Rabrat was shot to death in the gutter, while Dreger, blind with rage at the possibility of Curt dying, fought hand-to-hand with the final surviving Orcs, getting stabbed in the back in the process. Hez arrived shortly after Dreger landed the final blow, emerging as the sole, bloody survivor of the battle. They put Curts body into the trunk of Dregers car and made a getaway just as the police arrived.

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