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Episode 11 The San Francisco Essential

Following a semi-successful mission, the team regroups.


Episode 12 Budet Cuts

Jet, Hez, and Curt discuss options with Dreger over brunch, then meet with the mysterious Mr. Johnson.


Episode 13 Decisions, Decisions

The team gets paid, explores new job opportunities, and meets with Rabrat to discuss making the Americar a little less visible.


Episode 14 The 27th Floor

A deal is sealed with Rabrat, Dreger & Curt hunt for an apartment, and Hez gets her wish.


Episode 15 Life is Hard

Curt and Dreger pick up some supplies, while Hez trains on her motorcycle.


Episode 16 The More You Know

Hez mentors Jet, and everyone learns first aid for the tough scrapes ahead.


Episode 17 The Best Laid Plans

Surveillance of the chop shop commences, and a new opportunity arises.


Episode 18 Matrix Action

Dreger picks up a motorcycle, and legwork at the docks begins.


Episode 19 Infiltration

Hez continues cybercombat; Curt & Jet gather intel at the docks.

*Stay tuned after the show for an important message*


Episode 20 Rudy

Trapped within the docking yard, Jet and Curt scramble to escape.

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