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Sonic Realms

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START HERE. What is a Hypercut?

Each podcast episode is a Hypercut of an improvised, recorded role play campaign. The recorded audio is later edited and enhanced with a full cast, a custom cinematic score, and sound effects, creating an immersive adventure unlike any other. This first episode was designed to demonstrate how episodes are made and what is going on. You may not hear any dice rolls, but you know that behind the scenes, the characters fates are tied to whatever the players rolled in the role play session. Real decisions, real dice rolls, real consequences!

Choose Your Adventure!

Outlaws work their way up to survive in a futuristic world of magic and technology

Dungeons & Dragons
Heroes, magic, and adventure await

Legally Unnamed Game
Bounty hunters are hired to rescue a prisoner on the high seas

Sand Dunes

Forbidden Desert
Following a deep space science mission, a research crew crashlands in a hostile alien desert


Mouse Guard
Three mice of the guard complete patrols, keeping order in a wild, medieval land


A billion years in the future, the people of the ninth world struggle in the ruins of previous, ancient civilizations


Vampire: The Masquerade
Set in a “gothic-punk” version of the modern world, vampires deal with their bestial cravings, hunters, and each other


A starship crew explores the far reaches of the universe


Call of Cthulu
Investigators uncover horrific mysteries and travel to strange and dangerous places

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